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 [2-124800002265] Euro DP Notice Web Form Submission: Charles de Rothschild

The Google Team - REQUEST TO REMOVE.

Below confirmation of the Google legal teams receipt of our request to remove the negative unfair postings.
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Press Release Dr. Ancho T. BADEV Comments:

"1. Only overlooked or STUPID;

2. Historical Signed & Published deal with de ROTHSCHILDS Families; This evidence speaks for it itself (Res ispa Loquitor);

3. No crimes nor violations have been committed;

4. Origin of the Negative Postings our from Criminals & Terrorists;


Dr. Ancho T. BADEV, I am honored to be nominated as a representative of Charles Gregoire de Rothschild Groupe for Bulgaria, including but not limited to, for the division of FINTECH, BLOCKCHAIN, ICO, CRYPTO CURRENCIES. 
I hold degrees Chemical Technology &  Engineering, University Bulgaria, Post Doctorate System Engineering, Mendeleev Chemical Technology Institute, Moscow.
Was deeply involved in Strategic energy projects(Refinery & Petrochemicals), R&D new processes & materials,chemical reactors.
Lead turn key chemical and metallurgy projects Eastern Europe ,North Africa and South East Asia.
Served as Director Atlas SA, NOVATECH, SCINTECH, General Power Consortium, ASBPL Group. Founder of Advanced Technology & Solutions Europe. Launched Pro-Health Project(technology & medicine) for prevention & recovery heavy disease.
Was governments advisory Strategic Development in South East Asia and North Africa.
Per solidarity to my dear French friend & colleague Charles, it’s an opportunity, to defend his precious & excellent reputation worldwide. Because it’s unfair I  have decided to act myself; stubbornly he doesn’t defend himself, he’s too proud & above all those gossips.
There’s no logic to those despicable fabricated accusations, only people not Thinking, Uneducated, Stupid or Overlooking to believe in those internet slanders, for the following reasons:
Ridiculously, there is no mention of any complainant’ clients’ names; only anonymous & unscrupulous defamations. Obviously nobody verified the authenticity of those fake & absurd claims. 
Rothschilds will not have signed an agreement with Charles, if he wasn’t legitimate. 
And certainly, he couldn’t have been authorized to marry to the prestigious Paul Mellon’s granddaughter, whose Mellon Bank merged with BNY.  she’s the daughter of John W. Warner, former Senior US Senator Virginia, for 30 years, was Chairman Armed Committee, which controls FBI, CIA, Defense, her father was married to actress Elisabeth Taylor. When Charles divorced, because his wife trusted him, they had no prenuptial; he refused to claim any financial benefit, which he was entitled. His assets were overseas, but despite having knowledge of all her financial statements, because she wanted him to manage her money, which he declined, to avoid any conflicts or issues. 
The name matter is private. 
Charles has a huge prestigious contacts worldwide including in majors social networks. 
Amongst relationships: Thomas C Odell, the former President of Conoco International & former Chairman of DuPont, NV, is his friend & partner.’s a close friend & associate of Mr. Kenneth Bock, former CEO of American Reinsurance & CEO of Munich Re Capital Markets, as well CEO of the combined companies.  Also, Ken  held executive positions with Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas Capital Markets, UBS Securities & Morgan Stanley. he’s a close friend & former associate of Eric Attias, former CEO/ CIO of Union Bancaire Privee, Geneva, Switzerland & CEO/ CIO Societe Générale, France. websites are making money on the traffic online using unfair business practices. The profits are generated in advertising & ironically on referral fees from reputation repairs companies. 
The Proof: How come & why those postings companies are they using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be ahead of the newer & newest posts & Press Releases?!
Certainly, as in the EU, those unfounded defaming postings will be outlawed & deleted in the US soonest as well. Principally, that the Governments & major political figures & others are under virulent attacks & inundated by extremely negativities online for all type of people. those unverified links were real, he will have been in legal troubles. 
Examples of bonafide Real cons/scammers:
$65 Billion Fraud:$7 Billion Fraud:, Charles could have done $Trillion, if those  dishonest embezzled so much; but it’s not his mentality. 
I have witnessed, that he’s always helping the underprivileged worldwide, regardless of anything. 
This clarification is done for the sake of justice.                       



 (c) 2014 PRWEB.COM Newswire

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 31, 2014

We are pleased to announce the successful, out of court settlement, amicable and satisfactory to all parties, between:

Charles Gregoire de Rothschild
Rothschild Continuation Holdings AG. Zug, Switzerland, 
Rothschild North America, Inc., 
Rothschild, Inc., 
Rothschild Asset Management, Inc.
N.M. Rothschild & Sons, London, UK, 
Rothschild & Cie. Banque, Paris, France, 
Are part of this agreement.

Accordingly, Charles de Rothschild is able to use his name, in a multitude of industries worldwide, with a few agreed exceptions.

This is an impressive victory for Mr. Charles Gregoire de Rothschild that his name is recognized worldwide, by the Rothschilds Families and by the Rothschilds Groups, mentioned above.

Read the full story at



Mr. Thomas C. O'Dell, Chairman of CARLTON ENERGY GROUP, LLC. And Charles Gregoire de Rothschild, Chairman of GDR PRIVEE, is honored to announce a joint venture between both companies.  Mr. Thomas C. O'Dell is the former President of CONOCO Overseas Oil Company (the international subsidiary of Conoco, Inc., now Conoco Phillips) and the former Chairman of DuPont Services, BV).